Condominium Services

Our mission is to manage residential condominium properties with the highest level of service in order to enhance the value and quality of life for every resident and community we serve.

Administrative services

General Administrative Services

  • Weekly visits to the complex
  • Handle enquiries from co-owners
  • Enforce Syndicate by-laws (Declaration of Co-Ownership).
  • Make arrangements for the Annual General Meetings including both preparing and counting proxies, etc.
  • Creation of the attendance roster for the Annual General Meeting.
  • Attend Board Meetings as well as Annual General Meetings (Presence of the manager or representative required).
  • Production of the minutes of board meetings.
  • Review requests from co-owners, suppliers and third parties; follow-up at Board meetings.
  • Prepare routine quotations and contracts (snow removal, landscaping, etc).
  • Negotiation and presentation of maintenance and insurance proposals to the Board.

Financial management

Financial Management

  • Collect and deposit condominium fees.
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Advise on investment of funds.
  • Prepare full monthly financial statements including a full detailed breakdown of expenses and financial transactions, together with a comparison of “Actual” to “Budget”.
  • Assist in preparing an Annual Operating and Reserve budget.
  • Arrange for Annual Audit, if necessary.
  • Process payroll for on-site personnel.
  • Preparation and collection of notices of assessment and their placement for collection as required.

Maintenance And Site Management

Maintenance And Site Management

  • Arrange for quotations and sealed tenders for major work.
  • Monitor contractor’s on-site performance.
  • Inspect and follow-up on all repairs prior to payment.

Emergency services

Emergency Services

24-hours/7-days a week availability for emergencies.

Legal services

Legal Services

  • Preparation for and attendance at small claim court cases.
  • Preparation of collection files for presentation to legal counsel.
  • Registration and release of a legal right of lien as required.
  • Preparation of documents required by QCC and notaries for condominium sales.